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Want to grow global sales? Talk to this world traveler

Podcast Summary

If you’re trying to grow sales internationally, Zach Selch is your go-to guy. Over 3 decades, he has created over $1 billion in sales across 135 countries – from India to Japan to Ghana and beyond – helping his clients build successful operations and significantly expand their reach. A podcaster, vloger, and author, Zach specializes in global sales mentoring, providing hourly coaching services, assistance with distribution network growth, and fractional sales management for his clients. 

In this episode, Zach talks about his career in international sales, the many cultures and communities he’s encountered in his travels, and what it takes to live life on the road:

  • For Zach, landing a deal abroad is all about establishing trust and respect. He explains that different cultures build trust in very different ways. For example, in the U.S., we trust someone simply knowing that they are in a position of authority. In Sub-Saharan Africa, it may take a bit more – going out for dinner, meeting the family, getting to know your clients in a social setting – before even getting started on the business side of things. 
  • Meshing personal life with travel can be tough, according to Zach. For him, establishing a good routine, avoiding unhealthy habits, and having a supportive family unit is essential. 
  • After his father passed away, Zach decided to honor his memory by bringing his dad on the road with him. Zach had his father cremated and carried the ashes along as his traveled the world – from cruising down the Nile River to searching for the Big 5 on an African safari. 

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