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Why We Need Mining To Save The Planet – Alp Bora

Mining Industry’s Role in the Global Energy Economy

Podcast Summary

Without the mining industry, the energy transition would be impossible. Just ask Alp Bora, mining expert and TedX speaker. As he puts it, we cannot solve climate change without mining. With a wealth of knowledge on mining and sustainability, Alp has authored the book “Mining is the Future,” highlighting how the industry is inseparable from global electrification efforts. 

In this episode, Alp provides an enlightening discussion on the role of mining in the global energy economy:

  • With a background in mechanical engineering, Alp had no initial plans to work in mining until an internship in Canada sparked his interest. After a decade in the industry, he founded his consulting firm, Alp Bora and Company, in 2021 to assist mining companies in achieving operational excellence.
  • A key aspect of Alp’s work is integrating sustainability into mining operations. He explains how his think tank developed the AIM concept (awareness, investment innovation, and mindset shift) to change the industry’s perception and move it towards more sustainable practices. To overcome challenges on the path to greener mining, there needs to be actionable steps for front-line workers and industry-wide participation in sustainability efforts.
  • Alp addresses the public perception of mining, discussing his TEDx talk on how we actually need mining to save the planet. Mining plays a huge role in electric vehicle production and other green technologies (think lithium and other metals for batteries). According to Alp, there is a significant awareness gap that exists in understanding mining’s role in the energy transition.
  • In order for mining to be a sustainable part of the energy transition, it also needs to decarbonize. Possible alternatives include hydrogen, electric, and ammonia powered mining equipment, each of which poses its own challenges. 

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