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Why We Need Heat Exchangers for the Energy Transition – Mark Schnepel

Our latest Energy Superhero is Mark Schnepel, CEO and Co-Founder of Heat Recovery Innovations (HRI). With over two decades of experience, HRI specializes in high-temperature heat exchangers for a wide range of applications, pushing the boundaries of efficiency in energy systems.

  • HRI spun out from Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems, where they were developing small gas turbine generators. The company saw a need for more efficient, high-temperature heat exchangers, also known as recuperators. This is the core technology HRI specializes in today. 
  • HRI’s recuperators are central to gas turbines, reclaiming exhaust heat to preheat incoming air, improving efficiency. This heat recycling reduces the fuel required for the same power output.
  • HRI’s technology has found use in various sectors, notably in remote oil and gas operations, converting flare gas into power globally. Their exchangers are also useful in industrial settings, recycling turbine waste heat for water heating, cooling, or steam generation. Additionally, the tech is now being used for recycling heat in alternative energy sectors, for things like concentrated solar or nuclear power.


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