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What does success mean to you? – Johanna Godinez

How one entrepreneur is using yoga to change lives

Johanna Godinez just might have cracked the code on success. As the Founder of B.A.Y. Lifestyle, she helps people uncover their true potential and break down barriers in both their personal and professional lives. Her proprietary Evolutionary Life Mapping Method is applauded for helping clients understand their path to fulfillment and set the right goals to get them there. 

In this episode, we talk about the many definitions of success and the journey that Johanna took to find hers:

  • How did Johanna get where she is today? The answer might surprise you. Johanna actually started off wanting to become a race car driver. She founded a racing school in 2005 to help pay for her own racing career, but soon found that she didn’t understand enough as a business owner to find true success. She completed an MBA, but struggled to find a job upon graduation due to economic downturn. That’s when Johanna discovered yoga — a tool that she used to deal with depression. She soon realized this was her true calling in life, to bring the mentality she gained through yoga to as many people as possible.
  • According to Johanna, there is not one measure of success. While money may be a primary driver for some, it does not necessarily bring complete happiness for all. Johanna helps her clients discover what their main motivators in life are and build a roadmap to reach those goals. As Johanna says, success is something we decide for ourselves.
  • What makes you get up in the morning? Johanna insists that once you uncover that “why,” that’s when the magic really begins to happen.
  • Johanna encourages professionals to get back into nature whenever possible. That’s why she hosts many of her intensives and teacher trainings in places like Ecuador and Bali. We spend so much time in the office, we sometimes forget to pause. When you’re outside in nature, you see that this self-imposed, rushed way of life we experience as humans is unique – animals simply don’t live that way. 


To find out more about the great work Johanna is doing, check out B.A.Y. Lifestyle.

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