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Using Molten Salt to Capture Carbon – Cameron Halliday

How Mantel is developing the material solution to carbon capture

Podcast Summary

Cameron Halliday, Co-founder and CEO of Mantel, is leading the fight against climate change with his company’s innovative approach to carbon capture. Mantel’s first-of-its-kind molten salt carbon capture technology has the potential to transform industrial emissions reductions. By addressing efficiency, cost, scalability, and integration challenges head-on, Mantel could jumpstart the global transition towards a low-carbon future.

In this episode, Cameron explains the critical role of carbon capture in achieving net-zero (or net negative!) emissions, as well as some of the sector’s key challenges:

  • Mantel’s technology stands out with its unique molten salt process, enabling highly efficient and cost-effective CO2 capture from heavy industrial emitters. This includes chemical plants, cement and steel manufacturers, hydrogen power generators, and the pulp and paper industry. A core focus for Mantle is making carbon capture more affordable, addressing one of the major barriers to adoption.
  • Scaling up to meet the emissions volume of heavy industrial emitters is complex but feasible with Mantle’s versatile technology, which is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing industrial processes. The technology’s adaptability across various sectors means it could make a significant impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.
  • Cameron explains the financial and regulatory challenges of deploying large-scale carbon capture projects, from securing funding to navigating project financing and infrastructure development in a startup landscape. Oftentimes, unique and innovative capital solutions are crucial for the commercialization and scaling of sustainable technologies like Mantel’s.



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