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Upgrading the Hydrogen Industry with Digital Tech – Richard Zhang

How can we use digital tools to make hydrogen more efficient?

Podcast Summary

Richard Zhang, the Head of Digital at Electric Hydrogen, is taking a unique approach to hydrogen integration. By combining digital technologies with hydrogen infrastructure, Richard has helped to redefine efficiency for the industry. From co-founding LIFTE H2 to taking on his current role at Electric Hydrogen, Richard has shown a strong commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions. 

In this episode, Richard discusses how he is using digital technologies to transform the hydrogen industry: 

  • About three years ago, Richard co-founded LIFTE H2. Acting as an integrator, his company focused on the midstream of building ultra-heavy-duty refueling infrastructure for applications like mining and rail. 
  • Early on, Richard realized the untapped potential of digital technologies and data in optimizing hydrogen infrastructure. At LIFTE H2, the digital team focused heavily on analyzing data to optimize hydrogen assets for cost and efficiency. Eventually, the LIFTE H2 digital business was acquired by Electric Hydrogen.
  • At Electric Hydrogen, Richard has pushed for data optimization to help improve operational efficiency, asset performance, and predictive maintenance. His work has helped propel the company to the forefront of renewable energy innovation.




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