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Turning Waste into Hydrogen – Jean-Louis Kindler

Exploring Ways2H’s process to transform waste into clean renewable fuel

As the population continues to climb, we are creating more waste than ever. What if we could convert that waste into something more useful? Energy Superhero Jean-Louis Kindler, CEO of Ways2H, has a solution – hydrogen fuel. His company uses an innovative approach to convert waste into carbon-negative, renewable hydrogen for mobility and power generation. 

In this episode, Kindler discusses the company’s cutting-edge thermochemical process that turns waste into a sustainable fuel source:

  • Kindler highlights hydrogen’s versatility in various industries and its potential role in cutting down fossil fuel reliance. He acknowledges the challenges with hydrogen adoption, such as infrastructure development and production, but also highlights how governmental support and industry collaboration can help. 
  • Ways2H’s method processes a broad range of waste materials, including things like medical waste and plastics. Their approach offers many environmental advantages, including reduced greenhouse emissions and less landfill waste.
  • In addition to hydrogen production, Ways2H’s process can help reduce methane emissions by diverting waste that would otherwise emit in landfills. Methane is 84 times more warming than CO2 over a 20 year lifespan.
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