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To Build Better Materials, Start at the Nanoscale – Pavle Jeremić

How Aether is using AI-enabled atom manipulation for mining and beyond

Pavle Jeremić is the CEO of Aether, a company at the forefront of nanoscale chemistry and protein engineering. Under his leadership, Aether is redefining material synthesis and resource extraction by leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics.

In this episode, Pavle provides an in-depth look at Aether’s technology and its applications:

  • Aether utilizes AI and robotic platforms to engineer proteins capable of rearranging atoms at the nanoscale. Pavle compares this process to something like Tinker Toys, where you are building structures via atoms with precise control over material properties. AI algorithms design and optimize protein structures for ideal atom rearrangement.
  • Aether has developed specialized proteins to capture specific atoms such as titanium or lithium. This technology enables efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly mining practices.
  • Pavle shares his personal journey, influenced by his parents’ migration from Yugoslavia and the challenges he faced growing up. These experiences shaped his resilience and drive to create a future of abundance for humanity.




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