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The Reversible Fuel Cell Tech That Caught NASA’s Eye – Paul Matter

Converting power to hydrogen and back again

We’ve heard of fuel cells, and we know about electrolyzers, but what about a technology that can do both? That’s where Paul Matter’s company comes in. As the Co-Founder and Technical Lead at Power to Hydrogen, Paul is helping to pioneer some truly revolutionary hydrogen technology: reversible fuel cells. 

In this episode, Paul explains how Power to Hydrogen is shaking up clean energy (here on earth and in space!):

  • Paul has an extensive background in the fuel cell sector. Before his current venture, he established pH Matter, which primarily focused on catalytic materials for fuel cells. Power to Hydrogen was later spun out of this company as an initiative to build systems for efficient hydrogen production.
  • Power to Hydrogen utilizes reversible fuel cells to generate hydrogen from water and electricity, and then the produced hydrogen is used to generate electricity as needed. This unique approach sets them apart from the traditional electrolysis methods, promising more efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Paul’s company has some pretty impressive partnerships, including with NASA. The two are currently working on a project to develop a hydrogen production system for the moon. The system leverages Power to Hydrogen’s reversible fuel cell technology, using solar power and water to create hydrogen, which in turn is utilized to generate electricity for moon bases.
  • The technology’s potential isn’t just confined to space. Power to Hydrogen’s approach can be used for energy storage, backup power, and transportation. It’s a great solution for islands or other remote regions that seek energy independence. At present, the company’s focus lies in stationary applications such as powering buildings and data centers. The technology also holds considerable promise for the industrial sector, with current plans to develop megawatt-scale systems. These large-scale operations hold significant potential to mitigate carbon emissions.
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