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The Future Will Be Battery Powered – William “Bull” Flaherty

Exploring battery storage breakthroughs with a trading expert turned energy innovator

Meet William "Bull"

Podcast Summary

William “Bull” Flaherty, a pioneer in battery storage and the founder of Eligius Power, brings a rich background in trading to the forefront of energy innovation. His journey from trading to sustainable energy solutions offers a unique perspective on the energy industry’s evolution.

In this episode, Bull discusses how his diverse experience laid the foundation for his venture into the energy sector, particularly into the domain of battery storage:

  • Spotting a critical need for battery storage solutions in the market, Bull and his team leveraged their trading expertise to create a company dedicated to providing reliable and affordable energy – Eligius Power. He recounts the early challenges, such as securing investors and assembling a capable team.
  • Battery storage is a crucial part of a healthy energy landscape. Bull emphasizes the benefits, such as reducing carbon emissions and providing backup power, while acknowledging the hurdles in grid integration and the necessity for supportive policies.
  • Bull insists that advancing technology and reducing costs are essential for the energy sector’s evolution, particularly when it comes to the future of batteries. The importance of continuous innovation, collaboration, and a diverse workforce is essential in shaping a sustainable and reliable energy system.

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