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The Future of Transport Energy – Tammy Klein

How sustainable fuels are shaping the energy transition

Podcast Summary

Our latest Energy Superhero is an expert when it comes to sustainable transport energy solutions. As the Founder and CEO of Transport Energy Strategies, Tammy Klein is helping drive innovation around next generation fuels that are integral to the energy transition. She helps her clients understand the ins and outs of policy, market, and technology concerns surrounding low (or no!) carbon fuels.

In this episode, Tammy paints a picture of the current state of global energy and how she sees that evolving in the years to come:

  • The energy transition won’t happen overnight. We will continue to see the use of conventional fuels in the near term, before they start to decline. But over the next decade, we can expect to see movement within the energy transition continue to grow – fleet electrification, sustainable aviation fuels, green methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, and beyond.
  • Tammy is excited about the prospect of a circular economy. One project that comes to mind is LanzaTech, which is harnessing the power of microbes to recycle gas streams (from places like steel mills and oil refineries) into sustainable fuels. Think of it like carbon recycling. Another promising idea comes from Brightmark, which is recycling plastics into green fuels and other chemicals. 
  • What’s so great about hydrogen? According to Tammy, it’s widespread usability. Hydrogen has incredible potential to be a pioneer in the energy transition since it can be used in so many applications. Thanks to new global interest and government incentives, Tammy sees hydrogen being a big player in energy storage, heavy duty transport, and industrial applications. 

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