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The Evolution of Hydrogen – Mauricio “Mo” Vargas

Exploring the ups and downs of hydrogen technology

Mauricio “Mo” Vargas, President and CEO of BayoTech, has witnessed and contributed to significant advancements in hydrogen over the years. With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the sector, Vargas shares his insights into the future of hydrogen technology.

In this episode, Vargas touches on the factors driving hydrogen growth and the key role it plays in the clean energy transition:

  • BayoTech focuses on deploying low-carbon hydrogen on a global scale. The company offers modular and scalable generation, transport, storage and fueling technologies. 
  • Hydrogen is increasingly being used in trucks, buses, and other applications, leading to broader acceptance and utilization as an energy source. Initiatives and regulations from governments, especially in states like California and through federal programs, are providing critical support for the adoption of hydrogen technology across several sectors.
  • Mo emphasizes the strategic importance of partnerships within the hydrogen industry, noting that companies should focus on specific parts of the hydrogen value chain rather than attempting to manage all aspects independently. By concentrating solely on core competencies, such as generation, storage, or distribution, companies can achieve more efficient operations and cost savings.




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