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How One Entrepreneur’s Persistence is Driving a Lithium Transformation

Meet Teague

Podcast Summary

Teague Egan, Founder and CEO of EnergyX, is looking to revolutionize how we power the planet – with lithium. His company strives to be a leader in the green energy transition, providing disruptive lithium extraction and processing technologies, as well as more effective energy storage solutions. EnergyX’s approach recovers 90% of available lithium as compared to only 30% from traditional extraction methods. The tech also significantly reduces the industry’s footprint, solving issues of high carbon emissions and excess water usage in the extraction process.

In this episode of Energy Superheroes, Teague describes the wild journey that led him to create EnergyX:

  • Teague was travelling in South America when he began to form his vision for EnergyX. After visiting Salar de Uyuni in Bolvia, the world’s largest salt flat, he discovered that the desert-like region was also home to the world’s largest lithium reserve. Teague describes this as his “aha!” moment, realizing what a massive opportunity he had stumbled upon.
  • Upon returning home from Bolivia, Teague dove head first into research on lithium. He uncovered scientific papers on a novel lithium extraction process in the Science Advances academic journal, authored by researchers from the University of Texas. After cold-emailing the authors and flying to Texas to meet up, Teague soon entered into a worldwide license with the scientists to bring their technology to market.
  • EnergyX provides solutions for various industries in their transition to green energy. This includes large automotive companies looking to secure their lithium supply over the next decade, oil and gas industry wishing to diversify their energy portfolio, and battery cell manufacturers in need of lithium sourcing.
  • Teague insists on the power of not taking no for an answer when starting a business. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, Teague thanks his father for instilling him with a relentless drive to change the world.

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