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The technical and human stories behind the energy transition – Simona Rossetti

Podcast Summary

Simona Rossetti, senior vice president for global operations, controls, and digitalization at Siemens Energy, shares her thoughts with Energy.Media on the three Ds – decarbonization, digitalization, and decentralization. She expresses her excitement about green hydrogen and her company’s search for new partners, and she describes her methods for maintaining the mindset of an energy superhero.

In this episode, Simona talks about Siemens Energy’s priorities as it works to support the energy transition and also about her own priorities in life:

  • Siemens Energy sees R&D and innovation as crucial to the energy transition. For example, since green hydrogen is set to play a crucial role in the energy transition, the company is redesigning turbines for optimal use with hydrogen-based fuels.
  • Strategic partnerships will also play a central role in the shift away from fossil fuels, so Siemens Energy is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate. One product of this search is a pilot project in Chile with Enel, ExxonMobil, and Porsche for the production of sustainable, synthetic Formula 1 racing fuel. The company hopes this will pave the way for future production of a green gasoline substitute.
  • Being an energy superhero requires work/life balance. In the office, it’s important to establish connections, keep up with industry trends, and fulfill the company’s mission. These things are easier to do when you make time away from the office to build up mental and physical health.
  • Mentors can do more than influence career arcs; they can also serve as a reminder of the importance of fostering human connections.

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