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Rethinking the Beverage Supply Chain – Manuela Zoninsein

Exploring Kadeya’s Innovative Approach to Sustainable Beverage Dispensing in Industrial Settings

Manuela Zoninsein is set on transforming the beverage industry, all while reducing environmental impact and supporting frontline workers. As the CEO and founder of Kadeya, she is helping crack down on single use plastics through innovative beverage vending stations. 

In this episode, Manuela explains how she is not just offering a product, but a shift in how industries approach hydration and sustainability: 

  • Kadeya’s bottling plant, compact as a vending machine, allows customers to choose beverages and dispense them in custom, patented stainless steel bottles. The “hydration as a service” business model is built around offering beverage kiosks at worksites, easing the logistical burden for companies and aiding in OSHA regulation compliance.
  • Manuela says her company is focused on industrial applications at first. Catering to sectors like construction, military, and fulfillment centers, Kadeya provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic bottled water.
  • Each bottle dispensed by Kadeya cuts down the carbon footprint by 100 grams of CO2, marking a 77% improvement over single-use plastic bottles.
  • Initially focusing on the U.S., Kadeya aims to broaden its reach, challenging the notion that sustainability is an elite luxury. Future plans include obtaining more patents, improving design efficiency, and exploring new markets like shopping malls and gyms.
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