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Rethinking Our Relationship with the Planet – Alison Wise

Alison Wise, Founder and Principal of Wise Strategies, shares her rich background in environmental advocacy and her unique insights into sustainable energy. Her consulting firm provides solutions for technology and systems innovation, market analysis, project management, and communication throughout the cleantech sector. 

In this episode, Alison recounts how she got her start in the sustainability space and why she believes we need to fundamentally change our relationship with the planet:

  • Alison describes her upbringing in a family of public servants. This sparked her passion for environmental activism, instilling a deep sense of responsibility and the importance of leaving the planet better than she found it.
  • Alison argues for a paradigm shift in how we measure and use energy. She emphasizes the need for a more sustainable economic model that focuses on energy’s usefulness rather than its commodity value.
  • Alison expresses skepticism about figures like Elon Musk, whom she views as emblematic of top-down control. Instead, she explains her vision for grassroots, bottom-driven change. Alison discusses how localized approaches can be more responsive to climate challenges.



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