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The Path to Transition: for Energy, the Workplace, and Yourself – Ray Brooks

The Path to Transition – for Energy, the Workplace, and Yourself

Ray Brooks, Arizona Public Service (APS) Strategic Partnership program manager, began working in the energy sector after spending 28 years in the Marine Corps. He’s now undertaking something deeper, by pursuing truth and acts of service. In this episode of Energy Superheroes, Ray talks to Energy.Media about his unconventional background and career path – and about the events that led him to rethink his own priorities.

In this episode, Ray discusses several of the paths that he and his family members and acquaintances have followed to achieve success and personal growth:

  • Ray grew up in rural Tennessee, where his father served as a physician after growing up in Nicaragua and attending medical school in Mexico. Some of his formative experiences involved sitting quietly in the back of the classrooms where his mother, who was born into an impoverished family in rural Nicaragua, pursued her college education.
  • After spending decades in the Marine Corps and several years in the energy industry, Ray started talking to people about the need to look inside the heart and pursue truth and meaning, even at work. One of his listeners responded humorously by calling him a unicorn. Ray bristled at first, insisting that he was a serious guy, but has since embraced the label, seeing it as an opening to encourage people to put their true selves forward.
  • Ray sees the energy industry as a good option for veterans seeking job opportunities. He describes his own experience in renewable energy as an opportunity to grow and discover his own identity after leaving military service.
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