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Pushing Sustainability in the UAE – Rijo Abraham

Exploring the intersections of energy efficiency, sustainable finance, regenerative economies, and blockchain technology

Podcast Summary

Our latest Energy Superhero, Rijo Abraham, is bringing big changes throughout the UAE, one of the world’s most rapidly advancing regions in terms of sustainability. An expert in decarbonization and energy efficiency, Rijo is a powerful voice in the realm of sustainable development. With an impressive background in engineering and a Master’s degree in Energy from Heriot Watt University, Rijo has made significant contributions to sustainability initiatives across the UAE.

In this episode, Rijo offers a promising glimpse at our sustainable future:

  • Energy efficiency projects are on the rise in the UAE. There is a huge push for renewable energy and nuclear power generation throughout the region. Then there’s also demand-side response strategies and building retrofit programs – all driving towards the goal of overall energy efficiency. As Rijo shares, the journey isn’t without its challenges, but the region has incredible determination to overcome these.
  • Sustainable finance, as Rijo points out, is a critical tool in the fight against climate change. Green bonds and other financial instruments are channeling funds towards renewable energy projects. Rijo further emphasizes the need for transparency in financial reporting, which he believes is the catalyst for attracting more investments in sustainable projects.
  • Diving into the concept of the regenerative economy, Rijo explains how it contrasts with traditional linear economies. These economies focus on circular systems and are powerful tools in minimizing waste and promoting sustainability. He emphasizes the importance of designing products with end-of-life considerations in mind and the preferential use of renewable resources.
  • Have you considered the potential of blockchain technology in advancing sustainability? As Rijo explains, blockchain can be employed to track carbon emissions and ensure transparency in supply chains. While acknowledging the issues that come with implementing blockchain solutions, such as data privacy concerns, he remains optimistic about its future potential.

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