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Preventing Another Dieselgate – Nick Molden

The Importance of Vehicle Emissions Testing for Public and Environmental Health

Nick Molden, founder and CEO of Emissions Analytics, is promoting public awareness around the issue of automotive emissions. An Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London, he is recognized for his expertise in vehicle emissions testing and has significantly contributed to the understanding of real-world emissions data.

In this episode, Molden highlights the “Dieselgate” scandal and explains what his company is doing to prevent it from happening again:

  • The Dieselgate scandal originated in 2015, when Volkswagen was discovered cheating on their nitrogen oxide emissions testing. Nitrogen oxide is a major urban air pollutant, with serious implications for air quality and public health. 
  • The scandal extended to Europe, uncovering similar malpractices among various manufacturers. This prompted a reevaluation of emissions compliance and stricter industry regulations.
  • Molden’s company plays a crucial role in preventing future scandals through independent real-world emissions testing, ensuring vehicles meet environmental standards.
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