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The M&A Success Story Taking on Global Ag

Podcast Summary

Paul Goldberg, CEO of Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences, chats with Energy.Media about how his company’s revolutionary hydrogel product plans to change the face of agriculture. By reducing the amount of water and fertilizer needed by farmers, Paul believes that this product will be transformational for global agriculture as the world faces increasing droughts and concerns over food security.

With a background in mergers and acquisitions, Paul tells how he came to acquire Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences, what stood out to him about the technology, and where he sees the company going in the future:

  • Unlike other hydrogels used in extractive industries, the company’s flagship product Bounty Gel is specifically designed with the needs of agriculture in mind. The product is engineered for strength, allowing the gel to anchor near crop roots and slowly release needed moisture. By using Bounty Gel, farmers not only save on water and fertilizer, but also are finding that their crops see reduced levels of illness and stress, leading to greater harvests.
  • Bounty Gel is not a replacement for other products – rather it augments the efficiency of other chemicals like fertilizer, allowing farmers to use less. Reduced chemical use not only saves farmers cash, but also has cascading environmental benefits, including lessening toxic runoff to nearby bodies of water.
  • Currently working with independent farmers, Paul credits the company’s success to its tailored approach to product sales. Staff agronomists work individually with customers to understand their specific farming environments, creating a custom-made plan for using Bounty Gel most efficiently.
  • Paul discusses how he is proud of the company’s growth, up from just 1-2 customers at the time of acquisition to well over 90 clients within 18 months. He hopes to continue growing the company organically as the product gains momentum.

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