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Our Top Tools for the Energy Transition – Mona Dajani

What technologies and policies will shape our sustainable future?

Our latest Energy Superhero, Mona Dajani, joins Energy Superheroes to discuss the technologies and policies that will shape our sustainable future. A recognized expert in energy, she is the Global Head of Renewables, Hydrogen & Ammonia and Global Co-head of Energy & Infrastructure at law firm Shearman and Sterling. She also sits on the Board of Directors for the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). With knowledge in many energy technologies and strategic startup growth, Mona provides deep insight into the energy industry’s evolving landscape.

In this episode, Mona reflects on the critical decisions currently faced by the energy industry and their far-reaching implications for our planet:

  • Mona has experience with a wide range of emerging technologies, including wind, solar, hydrogen, digital mobility, electric vehicles, ammonia, and waste-to-energy. She emphasizes the potential of all of these options in catalyzing the energy transition and reaching net-zero emissions. In particular, she highlights the promising future of hydrogen as a zero-emissions fuel.
  • Mona shares her experiences with startups in the energy space. According to her, startups have the capability to challenge and transform established norms within the energy sector, providing much-needed innovation. She stresses the importance of fresh perspectives and novel ideas in steering the industry towards sustainability.
  • According to Mona, policy, public awareness, and investment all play a pivotal role. She emphasizes that all three are fundamental in shaping the energy landscape and in successfully fostering the adoption of new technologies and infrastructure.
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