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Navigating Global Energy Dynamics – Sean Strawbridge

Podcast Summary

Sean Strawbridge, Co-Founding Partner at Voyager Energy Partners and former CEO of the Port of Corpus Christi, boasts a long career navigating some of the hardest challenges of the energy sector. An investor and strategic advisor for many energy-related projects, he is extremely knowledgeable on the nexus of geopolitics and energy.

In this episode, Sean covers a wide range of topics concerning energy exports, the energy transition, and global energy dynamics:

  • Port of Corpus Christi is considered the largest energy export gateway in America. As CEO, Sean oversaw the growth of the port into what it is today. The port currently processes over 200 million tons of cargo each year, making it the largest U.S. public port by revenue tonnage. Reflecting on his tenure, Sean emphasizes the port’s importance in global energy security.
  • Today, Sean is a founding partner at his firm Voyager Energy Ventures. There, he is focused on financing both traditional hydrocarbons and transition options like hydrogen and renewable fuels.
  • Sean highlights the important role of traditional energy companies in today’s decarbonization efforts. He insists that there is a need for better communication to educate the public about the energy value chain.


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