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Navigating Carbon Markets – Simon Puleston Jones

How finance, law, and sustainability intersect in the energy transition

As the CEO of Climate Solutions, Simon Puleston Jones combines his background in finance with his passion for sustainability to drive meaningful change in the energy sector. His sharp insights and unique perspectives, honed throughout his career as a financial services business leader, lobbyist, regulatory expert and lawyer, are invaluable to anyone keen on understanding the emerging realm of carbon markets. 

In this episode, Simon dissects the complexities of carbon markets, explaining their crucial role in incentivizing emission reductions and propelling the transition to a low-carbon economy:

  • Simon Puleston Jones isn’t your average CEO. His journey is marked by resilience and adaptability, shaped by four significant crises – the 2008 financial crisis, the Brexit crisis, a personal crisis in the form of divorce, and, of course, the climate crisis. These experiences have not only influenced his perspective on climate change and sustainability, but have highlighted the interconnectedness of global issues, fostered a sense of personal responsibility, and emphasized the need for unified action.
  • Simon is a champion for sustainability, focusing his efforts on the energy transition, sustainable agriculture, climate-friendly real estate, and beyond. Whether it’s developing innovative financial instruments to drive investment in sustainable initiatives or advising on risk management in carbon markets, Simon is fully committed to a net-zero future.
  • There is huge profit potential for projects in the financial sector that align with climate targets. As Simon puts it, aligning financial gain with climate goals isn’t just possible, it’s essential. His work at Climate Solutions is a testament to this belief, driving capital towards projects that strike a balance between financial viability and climate responsibility.

Check out Simon’s website and his book, “A Leading Guide to Carbon Markets,” for even more insights. You can download it here.

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