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Technology Will Set You Free – Nabeel Mahmood

This “nomad futurist” is shaking up the tech world 

Ever heard of a nomad futurist? Meet Nabeel Mahmood – an advocate for the freeing power of technology, enabling us to work from anywhere, at any time. A podcast host, philanthropist, keynote speaker, and more, Nabeel believes in the transformational power of technology. He has over 18 years of experience helping large-scale global organizations overhaul their technology core to create massive growth – including as it relates to Cloud, iOT, Mobility, Big Data and beyond. 

In this episode, Nabeel talks about his success with building a podcast, his education-based NGO work, and the harrowing journey that brought him to become a nomad futurist in the first place:

  • Throughout his life, Nabeel has encountered several near-death experiences. At a young age, he was paralyzed from the waist down after falling off a horse playing cricket. Not letting this stop him, he moved to the United States, chasing the all-too-familiar American dream. After earning that corner office, Nabeel felt that he still wasn’t happy – he laments how every day felt like going to prison. He soon fell victim to several heart attacks and decided that he needed to make a major life change. Upon this revelation, Nabeel moved to Hawaii, where he would soon discover his true self, someone who thrives outside of the office. Prescribing to the nomad futurist lifestyle, Nabeel was compelled to share his message with the world. 
  • Nabeel’s podcast was created to demystify the technology industry for younger generations, hoping to open up IT-based careers for more youth. The podcast focuses on trials and tribulations – both personal and professional – as well as how to keep up in an ever-changing tech industry. After 2 years, the show has gained 250,000 subscribers from all over the world – a real success. 
  • Nabeel’s foundation focuses on education for minorities and women across the globe, particularly in underdeveloped regions with emerging markets. The NGO creates exposure to technology for kids, aiming to narrow down their interests and help build a meaningful skill set – whether that be in mechanical engineering, architecture, etc. By nurturing these professions in underserved areas, Nabeel hopes to encourage people to grow their local economies and make their home a better place. 
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