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Modular Mining for the Energy Transition – Liz Lappin

How we can ensure mineral supply for our green future

Podcast Summary

Mining has a problem – it’s perceived as big, dirty, and expensive. But we need mining for critical energy transition minerals (think metals like copper and nickel). What if there were a more sustainable alternative? Liz Lappin, CEO of Common Good Mining, sheds light on her company’s groundbreaking modular mining technique, set to redefine traditional methods in the mining industry.

In this episode, Liz introduces the revolutionary technology that aims to address mineral shortages in the ever-evolving energy industry:

  • Traditional methods often rely on sizable, permanent infrastructure, such as mine shafts and processing plants. In contrast, modular mining emphasizes portability and customization, with units that can be swiftly assembled or dismantled. This allows operations in locations deemed challenging for conventional mining.
  • Modular mining stands out not just for its innovation, but also its environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness. With design emphasis on portability, these units can minimize waste production and local ecosystem disturbances. Additionally, reduced upfront infrastructure investments means cost savings, especially for smaller mining endeavors or those in infrastructure-deprived areas.
  • With projects in development, Common Good Mining is on the lookout for collaborators and partners to develop shared value. They are optimistic about scaling to match the mounting demand for critical minerals.
  • Liz emphasizes that their environmentally-friendly, economic approach can revolutionize mineral availability for the energy transition. With a reduction in environmental harm and increased affordability, the approach aims to ensures a continuous mineral supply for the growing clean energy sector.

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