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A Global Water Crisis – Marc Cortez

How One Startup is Helping Companies Zero Out Their Water Footprint

Marc Cortez, CEO and Founder of Liquid8Water, is helping companies meet ambitious water neutrality goals. Using a water-conservation-as-a-service model, the startup has developed a trading marketplace that allows corporations to effortlessly zero out their water footprint. The method is simple: business and home owners are incentivized to save water, and those water savings are then turned into purchasable credits – similar to the carbon trading market. 

In this episode, Marc talks about the hard work behind building Liquid8, his take on climate change, and the big ideas behind his new book:

  • Liquid8 is a product of the Clean Tech Open startup incubator. Marc says the experience opened up new doors for his company, allowing him to gain valuable feedback from mentors and really flesh out his core business strategy. He highly recommends the incubator to any startups in the clean tech space looking to take their ideas to the next level.
  • Unlike the carbon market that has potential for fraud, Marc says that Liquid8’s water credits are tangible and validated. Water savings are pulled directly from meters, using verifiable data to create Water Conservation Credits. Then, Liquid8 has a third party agency verify the credits before they are released in the marketplace, assuring buyers that there is no “greenwashing” involved. 
  • Marc stresses the importance of focusing on activism, rather than fear, when we talk about climate change. Younger generations today are faced with climate anxiety, which can act as a barrier to progress. It’s vital that we focus on transparency and solutions rather than scare tactics. 
  • In his book Climaturity: A Journey into the Muddy Climate Middle, Marc hopes to start a discussion that can change opinions about climate change. He believes that most of us lie somewhere in the “muddy climate middle,” neither preaching denialism nor fatalism. By presenting the facts in an easily digestible format, he believes that his book can start a conservation about how we can actually solve this humanity-wide problem.

Marc’s book is available here:

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