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Using AI to Build Meaningful Business Relationships – Manuj Aggarwal

What if you could harness the power of data to scale meaningful business relationships? Manuj Aggarwal, founder and Chief Innovation Officer at TetraNoodle, is using AI to accelerate business growth and provide revenue-boosting solutions. By redefining business in terms of the human experience, TetraNoodle helps companies make meaningful connections with employees and customers alike, getting to the heart of what motivates people to build success. 

In this episode, Manuj discusses how he got his start, the many industries he’s worked in over the years, and his optimism toward our climate’s future: 

  • At age 15, Manuj started working at a factory in India – over 12 hours a day for only $2. Motivated by the business success stories he would see in magazines, he scrapped together funds for a programming class and soon fell in love with computers. 
  • Pressured into unsuitable degrees by friends and family, 30% of students drop out in their first year of school. To combat this, Manuj created an AI system that helps students pinpoint their passions. Like a Netflix for courses, Manuj’s program merges data like SAT scores, aptitude tests, and personal interests to build an ideal class model for each student.
  • Manuj’s podcast, Bootstrapping Your Dreams, is one of the top-rated podcasts in the world, claiming the number one spot in the business and entrepreneurship category. As an expert in human psychology and growth hacking, Manuj believes in getting to the root of why people do things in order to shape business strategy.  
  • Manuj has also dabbled in the sustainability space, specifically in relation to mining. Using blockchain technology, Manuj has created a supply chain tracking system to ensure sustainable practices when it comes to copper, silver, and gold.
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