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Energy Advice From a Technology Evangelist – Kevin O’Donovan

A self-described Technology Evangelist, Kevin O’Donovan is the go-to guy to for all things technology and energy. As the founder of a boutique technology consulting company, wittily named A Bit of This and That, Kevin helps businesses understand today’s tech landscape. His company provides innovative technology consultation and works to inform executives on the future of energy.

In this episode of Energy Superheroes, Kevin highlights the technologies that he believes will have a big impact on the energy systems of tomorrow – from battery storage to carbon capture and beyond:

  • Using energy communities in Europe as an example, Kevin advocates for the personalization of energy. Through the use of distributed energy resources, neighborhoods can take control back into their own hands, becoming self-reliant and selling surplus energy back to the grid.
  • Blockchain has the potential to be a strong enabling software architecture for the energy industry, according to Kevin. Currently used for applications such as renewable energy certificates and supply chain management, Kevin believes blockchain could further revolutionize many aspects of the energy transition.
  • Kevin insists that he is hopeful about the future of energy. He believes that the advancement of energy technologies will only continue to accelerate in the years to come, as more dollars and creative minds are pushed toward the challenge.
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