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Illuminating India’s Energy Landscape – Jyotisman Rath

A Deep Dive into the Subcontinent’s Energy Prospects

Podcast Summary

Our latest Energy Superhero Jyotisman Rath is one of India’s Top 200 LinkedIn Creators, using his voice to bring energy sustainability to the masses. Born and raised in eastern India, Jyotisman is a chemical engineering master’s student focused on batteries and energy storage. 

In this episode, Jyotisman talks about his LinkedIn claim to fame, his thoughts on India’s energy future, and his work with novel battery technologies:

  • Becoming a top LinkedIn Creator didn’t happen overnight. Jyotisman set himself a 100 day challenge to publish daily energy sustainability content on the platform, allowing him to gradually grow his audience. Eventually, he was accepted into the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program. 
  • Currently, Jyotisman is working on metal air batteries, which have been grabbing attention in research circles over the past two decades. This developing technology addresses many of the issues associated with traditional lithium ion options, including high cost, material scarcity, and fire safety. 
  • According to Jyotisman, the green transition is well underway in India. In fact, the installation of more and more solar and wind has led to an energy surplus. However, because the country has an energy infrastructure problem, outages are still common in many rural regions. Infrastructure issues will take time to solve, since they involve geographical and political hurdles in addition to technological ones. 
  • Jyotisman believes that widespread adoption of electric vehicles faces the same challenge as renewable energy – it’s an infrastructure issue. EVs, just like solar and wind, are mushrooming, but the infrastructure to keep them running is lacking – like widespread charging ports. 

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