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Detachable eVTOL: A Solution for Flight Range Limits?

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Jamie Gull, CEO and cofounder of Talyn, is working hard to make eVTOL a cheaper and more efficient reality. After working together at SpaceX, him and his cofounder Evan Mucasey decided to embark on an aerospace venture of their own – unmanned electric vertical takeoff and landing for cargo transport. Current eVTOL technologies are expensive, requiring large and pricey batteries to enable vertical lift. They also have huge speed and range limitations thanks to added drag from the propeller design. Talyn’s solution? Forget the props and use staged eVTOL.

In this episode, Jamie talks about his journey creating Talyn, his plans to grow the team, and the incredible future potential of eVTOL:

  • Quieter, cheaper, and more climate conscious, eVTOL offer many benefits over traditional helicopters. Talyn’s design takes it one step further, using staged systems – similar to how a rocket jettisons heavier fuel-laden stages after reaching altitude. The main flight vehicle is a long-range, high-speed electric plane, carried to flight altitude and speed by a detachable VTOL lift vehicle. Once the main craft is released, the rotor-powered VTOL lift vehicle returns to home base to recharge for another mission. When the plane is ready to land, another VTOL system rendezvous with the vehicle in midair and lowers it back down to the landing pad. 
  • Jamie describes his target market as those transporting relatively light, high value, and fast turnaround goods – pharmaceuticals, electronics, replaceable parts for large industry such as power plants. He even imagines uses for humanitarian response. By enabling autonomous flights into remote or compromised regions, Talyn’s technology can provide disaster aid without putting flight crew at risk. 
  • Talyn’s team is currently small – only 15 people. Jamie plans to grow the team substantially in the near future to allow the company to scale up larger prototypes. Ultimately, he envisions the company as both the manufacturer and the operator of their eVTOL systems. 
  • The company is a successful recipient of Y Combinator funding, one of the most prestigious and competitive startup accelerators. Jamie describes fundraising as a full-time job, stressing the importance of leveraging your network to open doors in the startup world. 

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