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Using Island Innovation to Power the Future – James Ellsmoor

In this episode of Energy Superheroes, we sit down with James Ellsmoor, CEO of Island Innovation. His company connects islands across the globe, allowing isolated communities to share information on how they can develop sustainably. By bringing together people from different backgrounds – but with the same island-based problems – Island Innovation is encouraging sustainability on islands around the world.

James describes how he got into the small island business, and digs into some of the unique problems and solutions he’s encountered along the way:

  • Originally interested in rural development and sustainable energy, James got his start with solar in California’s Bay Area. After getting involved with the project Solar Heads of State, he began working with island leaders who were taking charge with renewables.
  • James thinks islands can set a leading example for sustainable development back on the mainland – from the success of electric vehicle initiatives in Barbados to the widespread adoption of renewables in Aruba.
  • James is particularly proud of the ambassador network he has helped grow, now 400 people strong. From business owners to students to government officials, the Island Innovation network is fostering conversations about sustainable development in order to implement real change in island communities across the globe.
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