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Putting Sustainability at the Core of Investment – Hari Balasubramanian

How one firm drove over $4 billion in sustainable capital

Hari Balasubramanian is shaking things up in the realm of sustainable investment. As Managing Partner at Eco Advisors and Founder of Eco Investors, Hari has helped drive over $4 billion in capital across the sustainability value chain. Getting his start as a marine conservationist working with coastal communities in the tropics, Hari later found himself in the nonprofit sector working for Conservation International. After realizing these philanthropic sectors lack the capital required to effectively solve problems, he has now transitioned to for profit consulting to create greater positive change.

In this episode of Energy Superheroes, Hari discusses what sustainable investment means to him, and his optimism about the future of the planet:

  • Through his consulting firm, Hari helps to bring a solid understanding of environmental challenges to his clients and provides solutions that will make a tangible impact. He helps his clients to consider emissions reductions, biodiversity preservation, water security, and many more of today’s pressing environmental issues.
  • Hari understands that investment alone isn’t enough to solve problems of sustainability – investors also need supporting infrastructure to help their investment succeed. That’s how Eco Advisors evolved from Eco Investors – to create a one-stop-shop for environmental allocation needs.
  • Future successful businesses will be the ones that directly integrate sustainability into their core operations, according to Hari. By not including climate and nature in company valuation, investors are not getting a full picture of the true risks and opportunities. We need to rethink our relationship to sustainability as central to all that we do, not as a secondary moral obligation.
  • There is huge potential for investments in the currently undercapitalized portions of emissions reductions. Hari says the time for action is now – we need to mobilize financial and human capital quickly to drive a successful energy transition.
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