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How Irish Data Centers are Saving the Bees – Garry Connolly

Podcast Summary

This Energy Superhero is making big waves in the world of digital infrastructure. Based in the Greater Dublin metropolitan area, Garry Connolly describes himself as “a stubborn digital optimist, common sense advocate, possibleist and connector of people with challenges to those that have solutions.” As a top podcast host and an expert in digital infrastructure and digitalization, Garry is helping to shape the way we get connected on a global scale. 

In this episode, Garry talks about the future of data centers, how his love for human stories led him to become a podcast host, and the unique way he is blending digital infrastructure and bee conservation: 

  • Garry says we’re in our fourth industrial revolution – the first was steam, second was electricity, third was microchips and now we’re in the data space. All of that data takes a lot of energy to produce. A sustainable future is one that sees decarbonization of data centers. 
  • On his podcast Bits, Bytes & Banter, Garry is primarily focused on showcasing good people with a good story. From punch cards, to floppy discs, to mushrooms, to bees, his show highlights a wide variety of topics, but always comes back to the central theme of understanding human behavior and how we can make a bigger impact in the world. 
  • Garry has what he calls a “specific pollinator plant for the global digital infrastructure industry.” What does that mean? He is currently working on building data centers in a more community-friendly way, a way that simultaneously helps the declining bee population and tackles climate change. This includes planting orchards of native trees to give bees a place to live.

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