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Gamifying Environmental Action with NIU Planet – Jose Pere

How one app is revolutionizing environmental engagement by combining gamification with conservation efforts

How can we better encourage individuals to take environmental action? Energy Superhero Jose Pere, CEO and co-founder of NIU Planet, might have the solution. Jose, hailing from a nature-rich upbringing in Ecuador, has channeled his environmental passion into creating an app that makes conservation efforts both engaging and rewarding.

In this episode, Jose explains how his company is leveraging the power of gamification and community involvement to create change:

  • NIU Planet is a unique platform that aligns conservation organizations, businesses, and individuals towards a common goal of environmental and financial profit. The company is currently raising $300k in pre-seed funding. 
  • NIU Planet encourages engagement through gamification. The app incentivizes environmental activities like coral restoration, beach cleanups, and mangrove restoration. Users earn “bubbles” for their participation, progressing through ranks like “planet steward” and “planet champion”.
  • Conservation groups and businesses partner with NIU Planet, benefiting from wider audience engagement and the ability to track volunteer participation. Businesses can also offer rewards and discounts to environmentally conscious customers.
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