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Fueling the Future, Fossil-Free – Gene Gebolys

Where do next generation fuels fit into the energy transition?

Gene Gebolys, President and CEO of World Energy, is considered a global leader when it comes to next generation fuels. His early passion for science and policy catalyzed a remarkable career dedicated to advancing fossil fuel alternatives. For over 25 years, his work at World Energy has driven leading breakthroughs in renewable fuels and helped expand use across the North American continent. 

  • Gene founded World Energy in 1998, with the goal of innovating and commercializing a wide range of renewable fuels – from advanced biofuels to SAF to clean hydrogen. In fact, World Energy was the world’s first commercial-scale SAF producer. Today, they collaborate with top companies and leaders to help implement net-zero solutions, particularly in hard-to-abate industries. Current initiatives include SAF projects in Southern California and Houston, as well as a green hydrogen project in Newfoundland.
  • Gene emphasizes the critical role of early movers in the energy industry. He highlights their influence in market creation, driving innovation, and serving the community. For these reasons, the private entrepreneurial sector can prove much more effective than government-led initiatives. Could energy be the next Silicon Valley?
  • Gene is optimistic about the future of SAF, but stresses the importance of a market-driven approach to boost production and adoption. He recognizes a growing consumer willingness to pay a premium for high-quality, sustainable alternatives, which can significantly influence demand in this sector. Given the current market interest and potential for expansion, SAF remains a promising solution for decarbonizing the aviation industry.
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