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From Farm to Battery: Turning Crop Waste into Energy – Nikita Baliarsingh

How Nexus Power is creating sustainable batteries from agricultural waste

Nikita Baliarsingh, Co-Founder of Nexus Power, wants to revolutionize the energy sector — by turning waste into energy. Nexus Power converts agricultural waste into fully biodegradable batteries, both reducing pollution and promoting the circular economy. These fast charging batteries take only 10 minutes to charge and can power up to 450 km in electric vehicle travel.

  • Nikita, alongside her co-founder, Nishita, came up with the idea for Nexus Power while trying to find a solution for crop residue burning in the agricultural sector. This practice, especially prevalent in India, has significant environmental and health repercussions.
  • Utilizing peptides and proteins extracted from crop residue, Nexus Power is creating biodegradable, environmentally friendly batteries. This approach offers a sustainable alternative to traditional battery materials and negates the need for harmful mining practices.
  • Despite having a slightly shorter lifespan than traditional lithium-ion batteries, Nexus Power’s batteries are effective for daily use in electric vehicles. The technology is also ideal for renewable energy storage systems.
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