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The UN’s Bold Initiatives for a Greener Future – Enrique Lendo

How the UN is Spearheading International Sustainability

Podcast Summary

When it comes to climate and sustainability finance, not many have as much experience as Enrique Lendo. As a Project Coordinator at the UN Environment Program, Enrique plays a pivotal role in helping financial regulators evaluate climate policy and risk. 

In this episode of Energy Superheroes, Enrique dives into his career focused on global sustainability and the positive changes he’s seen in the space throughout the years:

  • An economist by training, Enrique has always dreamt of making a big impact in international sustainability. As the Deputy Minister at the International Affairs Unit of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in Mexico, he negotiated a majority of important climate and sustainability agreements. Later, he joined a private company to help develop sustainability projects throughout Mexico, before being asked to join the UN. 
  • Enrique was involved in the formation of the Paris Agreement, and talks about both the pros and cons. While he wishes that there was more discussion of climate adaptation strategies, he is proud that the agreement is rooted in concrete, strong science. For the first time, a specific temperature target was mapped out, allowing for the creation of temperature stabilization guidelines. 
  • Throughout his career, Enrique has seen huge advances when it comes to sustainability, especially in Mexico where he is based. Today, private companies and financial institutions are much more cognizant of climate concerns, actively investing in solutions. This is not only in response to impending risk, but also due to the business opportunities made available by new technologies like renewable energy.

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