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Reinventing Pipelines for a Sustainable Future – Doug Jones

Could pipes be the solution to the energy transition?

Did you know that an estimated 6 billion gallons of water are lost every single day due to leaking pipelines in the U.S.? That adds up to $2.5 trillion spent each year on corroded pipe infrastructure. Luckily, our latest Energy Superhero Doug Jones has just the fix. As the CEO of Global Composite Piping Solutions (GCPS), Doug is working on new ways of manufacturing pipes that are durable, flexible, and lower in maintenance costs. 

In this episode, Doug talks about this innovative new piping solution, his company’s crowdfunding campaign, and how GCPS can help accelerate the energy transition by enabling the transport of hydrogen:

  • We don’t often think about it, but pipelines carry some of our most important essentials – things like water and fuel. Traditionally, pipes are made out of steel or concrete, which deteriorate over time and are costly to repair and replace. Doug’s company takes the hassle out of pipe maintenance with their thermoplastic, composite-wrapped pipes made for high-pressure fluids. 
  • Global Composite Piping Solutions is pursuing certification for municipalities and utilities for water applications, as well as for use in the oil and gas industry. When implemented, these new pipes will last twice as long as traditional options without the added cost of maintenance. 
  • The company is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder. Doug was drawn to the platform because it allows everyday individuals to invest in breakthrough tech. The company is also open to receiving venture capital. Raised funds will go toward the pipeline certification process, as well as pipe manufacturing for a project in South America.
  • Hydrogen is a main tool in the energy transition, but it can’t be transported using current infrastructure due to the molecule’s small size. GCPS provides a solution, customizing pipes to fit industry needs by using different composite wrappings.  
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