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Digital Twins and the Energy Transition – Kevin O’Donovan

Leveraging technology to drive efficiency and sustainability in the energy industry

Kevin O’Donovan is a technology evangelist, working to bridge the gap between fiction and reality when it comes to the latest energy transition tech. With past experience at heavy hitters like Compaq, HP, and Intel, he has long been focused on how we can change the world through up-and-coming innovations. As a Fractional Executive at OneTwenty 1, he now helps companies navigate the fast-paced world of new technology. Kevin’s expertise lies at the intersection of energy and digitization, making him the ideal person to discuss the role of digital twins in the energy industry.

In this episode of the Energy Superheroes Podcast, Kevin O’Donovan delves deep into the concept of digital twins and their significance in the energy sector:

  • Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical assets that can be used to simulate and optimize performance. In the energy industry, they are instrumental in improving efficiency and reducing costs. The ability to predict outcomes based on simulations allows companies to anticipate and address potential issues and provide preventive maintenance.
  • Kevin believes that we are at a stage where digital twins are becoming increasingly important. He sees them as integral in accelerating infrastructure design, simulating for scenario planning, optimizing operations and maintenance, and fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • As technology and energy continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace, Kevin encourages listeners to buckle up for the ride. Embracing change and being open to new ideas is crucial for staying ahead of the curve. The advent of the Industrial Metaverse represents the next generation of Digital Twins facilitating data gathering from various businesses and enabling more extensive and real-time simulation.
  • Digitalization is indeed challenging, especially when integrating legacy systems with existing assets. However, new greenfield builds offer an easier path, allowing for design and construction from scratch for optimal results. While it’s not without its difficulties and costs, the potential economic stimulus from initiatives like the US’s IRA and the EU’s RepowerEU can help facilitate this transition.
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