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The Evolution of the Energy Industry – Dick Storm

Charting the Transition from Coal to Hydrogen Power​

Podcast Summary

Dick Storm, founder of Storm Technologies, comes to Energy Superheroes with a bit of a unique perspective. As an energy policy advocate and coal power specialist, Dick worked in the energy industry for over 50 years. 

In this episode, Dick describes the changes he’s seen in U.S. energy policy throughout his career, and his thoughts on the future:

  • Dick started his career in the power industry, after attending a trade school that taught power generation in the 50’s. Eventually, he would attend college to become a professional engineer, focusing on energy specifically. As a combustion expert, Dick was charged with making coal-fired power plants more efficient, clean, and reliable. 
  • Around 2012, the Shell Gas Revolution made gas plants more economical than coal-fired plants. Dick discusses his thoughts on this transition as he looks back on his career as a power specialist. 
  • Dick is optimistic about the future of hydrogen in power generation, and is an advocate for hydrogen-fueled vehicles over electric. While he admits that there are current hurdles to efficiency and transport, he believes that a hydrogen revolution is on the horizon as new processes surrounding the fuel are developed. 

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