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Decarbonizing Off-Grid Power with Sesame Solar – Lauren Flanagan

A renewable solution for disaster relief and beyond

Our latest Energy Superhero, Lauren Flanagan, is a lifetime entrepreneur, angel investor, and now Co-founder and CEO of energy startup Sesame Solar. Her company is decarbonizing disaster response and off-grid power with 100% renewable mobile nanogrids. With a focus on replacing fossil fuel generators with eco-friendly alternatives, Sesame Solar is part of a global movement towards a low carbon future.

  • Lauren is a true mission-driven entrepreneur. She moved from California to Michigan to start the manufacturing operation for Sesame Solar, following her passion for solving important real world problems.
  • Sesame Solar provides fast-to-deploy, easy-to-use, and transportable mobile nanogrids. Using a combination of solar and green hydrogen, these renewable nanogrids are ideal for disaster relief efforts or other off-grid situations. 
  • Lauren’s work has been instrumental when it comes to women-led entrepreneurship, especially in the tech industry. She sits on the board of directors for Springboard Enterprises, a global network focused on promoting women entrepreneurs.


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