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Can robots solve climate change? – Joshua Olaiya

 A journey into the world of robotics and their potential role in the energy transition

Podcast Summary

Joshua Olaiya, a 20-year-old robotics prodigy from Nigeria, is hoping to spark a robotics revolution – one that could potentially be the key to fighting climate change. The young tech visionary recently went viral for his “hand gesture robot” – developed when he was only 17. His inspiring story provides hope and motivation for many aspiring STEM professionals, especially from underrepresented communities.

In this episode of Energy Superheroes, Joshua discusses how he got started with robotics and how he thinks it could reshape industries across the board:

  • As a kid, Joshua was obsessed with figuring out how things worked. He began his robotics journey by dismantling toys and examining electronics. Amazingly, his skills are self-taught, thanks to spending countless hours watching YouTube videos and reading online articles.
  • Joshua is thinking beyond typical applications for robotics. He emphasizes the potential role that robotics could play in combating climate change, underlining its importance in the energy transition by increasing efficiency and autonomy.
  • Right now, Joshua is working on a ground-breaking project: a robotic arm controlled by brain signals. His hope is to assist people with disabilities, yet another sector that can benefit from robotics today.
  • We need more diversity in STEM. Joshua urges for more initiatives that encourage young people from underrepresented groups to pursue careers in technical fields. With his work, he hopes to inspire other African youths to enter STEM disciplines. Joshua’s story highlights the simple yet powerful message that perseverance, passion, and a thirst for knowledge can overcome any obstacle, even in the face of limited resources and support.

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