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Can Direct Air Capture Transform Climate Change? – Mark Cyffka

How AirMyne is scaling DAC

Mark Cyffka, the co-founder and COO of AirMyne, is solving one of today’s most pressing issues: carbon emissions. At AirMyne, Mark is pushing affordable and scalable direct air capture (DAC) technology to combat climate change.

In this episode, Mark shares his insights into the DAC industry and highlights some key barriers to widespread adoption:

  • Mark and his co-founder Sudip Mukhopadhyay met at Honeywell in 2012, where they laid the groundwork for their future venture into DAC. They were inspired by the Nordic approach to decarbonization and sustainability, motivating them to found AirMyne.
  • Drawing on their backgrounds in chemistry and engineering, Mark and his co-founder Sudip worked to develop scalable DAC solutions. AirMyne’s process uses low-temperature heat, and can therefore take advantage of waste steam from industrial or geothermal sources. The process inputs are cheap and easily available, making AirMyne’s tech highly scalable. 
  • AirMyne successfully raised a $6.9 million SEED round and is now planning their Series A. In addition to this line of funding, Mark explains how government incentives, such as the 45Q provision, are critical for driving carbon capture projects.



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