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Can Direct Air Capture Solve Our Carbon Problem? – Alex Bell

One startup’s approach to combating climate change

Can direct air capture solve our climate problem? That’s what Alex Bell, Chief Growth Officer at Removr, is betting on. His company is developing state-of-the-art technology to effectively capture carbon dioxide straight from the air. Operating from Oslo, Removr repurposes oil and gas technology to remove atmospheric carbon and then store it permanently underground.

In this episode, Alex explains how DAC could drastically change our climate story for the better:

  • Removr’s core technology revolves around direct air capture (DAC). Giant fans pull in air, channeling it through a specialized chemical solution. This process extracts carbon dioxide, which is then stored securely in geological formations. What sets Removr apart is their unique solvent—both highly efficient and cost-effective compared to other DAC solutions.
  • Removr isn’t limiting its reach to Norway. As a key participant in the US DAC Hub program, Removr is on a mission to promote DAC technology around the world. The startup plans to establish facilities in Iceland, with the capability of capturing over 100,000 tons of CO2 annually.
  • As with any new tech, scalability poses challenges. Alex highlights the importance of government backing to ensure DAC’s economic viability. In the meantime, Removr is committed to refining their technology, driving down costs, and amplifying efficiency.
  • Beyond simple carbon capture, there’s potential to create a carbon-negative energy system. Alex reveals plans to utilize captured CO2 for synthetic fuel production, helping to decarbonize things like the transportation sector.
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