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Bridging the LNG Knowledge Gap – Mehdy Touil

Podcast Summary

Mehdy Touil, widely recognized as “the LNG guy” on LinkedIn, is considered an expert in the liquefaction industry. With a strong foundation in chemical engineering and experience at LNG facilities around the globe, he has since become a global leader in the sector. 

In this episode, Touil discusses the current state of LNG tech and how he utilized LinkedIn to become an industry influencer:

  • In recent years, Touil has helped expand the limited online conversation surrounding liquefaction technologies. Previously, the LNG discourse on platforms like LinkedIn predominantly revolved around trading, marketing, and pricing dynamics – not technical know-how. Touil was able to step into this niche, positioning him as a technical expert in the LNG arena – now with over 50,000 followers on LinkedIn.
  • With global conversations veering towards decarbonization and energy security, Touil highlights the dual benefits of LNG. Serving as a cleaner fuel alternative for both power generation and transportation, LNG also enables nations to diversify their energy options, reducing excessive reliance on conventional oil and gas.
  • Navigating LNG market dynamics can be tough. Influenced by geopolitical shifts and the interplay of supply and demand, the LNG market remains an ever-evolving entity. Touil touches on some of these pricing mechanisms, highlighting the multifaceted nature of LNG trading. 

The future of energy is not just in its production but also in the knowledge we share about it. As Touil’s journey shows, platforms like LinkedIn can be instrumental in bridging knowledge gaps and fostering collaborative growth in industries as crucial as LNG.

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