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How One Canadian City is Jumpstarting the Hydrogen Economy

Podcast Summary

Brent Lakeman, Director of the Hydrogen Initiative at Edmonton Global, is looking to radically transform his Canadian home into a leader for the hydrogen economy. As the world pushes toward a green energy transition, clean hydrogen fuel offers an incredible alternative for typically hard-to-decarbonize sectors, such as long-haul transport, cement, and steel. By capitalizing on the economic and environmental potential of hydrogen in Edmonton, Brent hopes to attract business investment to his local area while also buckling down against climate change.

In this episode of Energy Superheroes, Brent does a deep dive on the work being done in Edmonton and discusses how the region can be a leading example for the global hydrogen industry:

  • As a major center for Canadian oil and gas, Edmonton has always been heavily involved with hydrogen. Now, however, the area is finding new opportunities in regards to the role hydrogen can play in the energy transition. As an early adopter of carbon capture and storage technologies, Edmonton has ensured that its hydrogen production remains low carbon. The region has prime geology for CCS solutions, and Brent’s initiative has identified 6 additional CO2 storage sites in the Edmonton metropolitan area for companies looking to produce hydrogen. According to Brent, these opportunities are a real driver for continued investment in the hydrogen economy and other decarbonization activities.
  • Currently, the hydrogen being produced in Edmonton is largely being sold to industrial facilities looking to meet emissions reductions targets, driven by either government regulations or internal company commitments. Brent is planning on expanding into several other industries, including the trucking and residential heating sectors.
  • As someone who has been focused on climate change for his entire career, Brent is proud of the work being done in Edmonton. He believes that the region can be a model for the widespread adoption of hydrogen around the world. By looking at what kinds of investments are needed to properly catalyze this transition, particularly in regards to infrastructure, others can learn from Edmonton’s successes and reduce costs along the way.

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