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A Better Solution for Fugitive Methane Emissions

Podcast Summary

Fugitive methane is a big problem, accounting for roughly 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 equivalent. Bear Givhan, CEO and founder of Earthview, is trying to stop accidental emissions at the source, using hardware-enabled methane detection. Unlike existing methods that involve drones or aircraft surveillance, Earthview’s approach allows for 24/7 monitoring, ensuring that no methane leaks slip through the cracks. 

In this episode, Bear discusses the perseverance required to build a successful startup and how he thinks Earthview can help shape the energy transition:

  • A commercial pilot by trade, Bear started his career flying low-level research missions for NGOs and government agencies. Through that work, he became aware of the large gap in the marketplace when it comes to fugitive methane emissions monitoring. 
  • Bear’s company provides the oil and gas industry with robust and reliable detection capabilities, which he believes will be a key technology as we move through the energy transition. Since hard-to-abate sectors are likely to continue using fossil fuels for the foreseeable future, reducing fugitive methane will be integral to keeping GHG emissions low.  
  • Bear insists perseverance is key when creating a business. Having a strong team that understands how to work through rough patches and believes passionately in the company mission is vital to success. 
  • Earthview is starting small, planning to work closely with 10-15 high-interest clients. The company is building a market that does not yet exist, and therefore will need to evolve with customers to understand needs and craft a better product. 

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