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An Innovative Solution for Nuclear Waste – Elizabeth Muller

How Deep Isolation is safely storing nuclear waste underground

Podcast Summary

In this episode of Energy Superheroes, we discuss the future of nuclear power with Elizabeth Muller, co-founder and CEO of Deep Isolation. Her Berkely, CA-based startup specializes in a unique issue: nuclear waste disposal. Driven by a passion for climate change, Elizabeth unexpectedly found herself in the nuclear sector and has since been driving innovation when it comes to waste challenges. 

Elizabeth explains why we need nuclear to reach net zero, and how we can continue to better the industry:

  • Elizabeth stresses the clean energy potential of nuclear power. She believes it to be a key technology in addressing climate change and therefore should play a major role in the global energy mix. To do so, we must first address the nuclear waste challenge to ensure its long-term viability and safety.
  • Deep Isolation uses horizontal drill hole technology to safely isolate spent nuclear fuel under geologically stable and impermeable rock. The tech offers a solution that is both safer and lower cost than other options currently on the market.
  • Elizabeth emphasizes the link between innovation and sustainability in the nuclear sector. A CEO, mother, and educator, she is a great example of the dynamic leadership required to drive the energy transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. 




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