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What digitalization means for the power company (and you) – Ali Mohammed

Ali Mohammed, the head of NYPA’s Digital Transformation Office, speaks with Energy.Media about working to drive innovation and digitalization at the largest state-level public power utility in the United States. He talks about his career trajectory, how he and his colleagues have been weathering the COVID-19 pandemic, and his experiences growing up in Dubai.

In this episode, Ali describes his path toward digital transformation in the energy sector:

  • Thanks to early experiences in the realm of project management and infrastructure upgrades, he came to understand the vital importance of digital communications to modern energy infrastructure. He’s now proud to report that NYPA is working to push this view forward through initiatives such as using drones for real-time, detailed inspection of transmission lines.
  • He believes NYPA has succeeded in fostering innovation through a combination of supportive leadership and a supportive company culture. As an example, he cites the Eureka program, which gives NYPA employees an opportunity to submit their own ideas.
  • Ali expects that artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and other new technologies will give NYPA and other utilities new tools to generate solutions for achieving targets such as reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions or maximizing efficiency.
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