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Advocating for an RNG Future – Johannes Escudero

Understanding the importance of Renewable Natural Gas through the eyes of an industry leader

Podcast Summary

What place does renewable natural gas (RNG) have in the energy transition? Our latest Energy Superhero, Johannes Escudero, is the CEO and Founder of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas. The non-profit advocates for the sustainable development and deployment of Renewable Natural Gas as a critical clean energy technology.

In this episode, Johannes outlines the primary advantages of renewable natural gas, as well as some of the key challenges faced in adoption:

  • Produced from organic waste, RNG is considered an eco-friendly option to traditional natural gas. It can be derived from many sources, including agricultural waste, landfills, and digesters at wastewater treatment plants. 
  • Just under 400 companies, including waste management, energy corporations, and agricultural producers, are represented by the Coalition, highlighting a united front in clean energy advocacy.
  • The industry has faced significant hurdles in infrastructure, with about only 50 production facilities nationwide in 2015. Thanks to the work of the Coalition, that figure has now doubled and continues to climb. 
  • The Coalition advocates for policies like the Renewable Fuel Standard and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. These policies provide essential incentives for the growth and utilization of RNG.

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